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Vaidas Pilkauskas

Vaidas Pilkauskas

Software Developer at Wix, Lithuania

Vilnius Scala organizer and co-founder of Vilnius JUG. While not shredding on his mountain bicycle, he enjoys speaking about software design, test first techniques and how both things fulfil each other. He blogs at http://pilkauskas.lt. Vaidas has more than 10 years of experience in software development and currently takes Guild Master role of backend engineering team at Wix.com where he tries to influence how engineers design their software. Wix.com is a leading website building platform built by passionate R&D team which enjoys tackling high scale challenges.

Speaker's activity
Understanding Mock Libraries
May 27th
15:25 - 16:30

Mocking plays important role in unit testing, and is a great way to isolate your dependencies that your system under test depends on. Many of us do not question libraries we use, what problems they solve. And some of us have strong opinion on what mocking is, and what it is not. Let’s retrospect on current state of popular mocking frameworks like Mockito and JMock. How are they different from each other and where their weaknesses are. The second part of the talk is an analysis of what it takes to write a mocking framework from scratch in Java 8. This talk is aimed at a curious developer who wants to understand how mocking tools work and hopefully it will hint on things where such tools can be improved. Source code for the example mocking library can be found here: https://github.com/liucijus/jinsist.