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Dmitriy Dumanskiy

Dmitriy Dumanskiy

Blynk, Ukraine

Blynk co-founder, CTO. Previously was a team lead with 10 year experience. Designed and implemented high-load, distributed and big data systems. My specialization is performance optimizations and improvements.

Speaker's activity
Vanilla Java or handling 10k req/sec per core
May 20th

In my talk I will explain how the IoT has changed the understanding of high-load and why this trend changes the rules. What are asynchronous sockets and how they work. What are the solutions up to date and why Netty has no competitors. How does Netty work, what are its strengths, weaknesses, pitfalls. How does the architecture of our Blynk IoT platform look like and why we don’t use Spring, Hibernate, RDBMS and other traditional java mainstream technologies in it. How vanilla java allows to build and design extremely fast applications.