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Alexander Derkach

Alexander Derkach

CyberVision, Ukraine

Alexander has been developing with Java for 4+ years, including personal and commercial projects. Worked on different projects, ranging from simple games to complex systems which allow administrators to provision, manage and monitor a cluster, and also to integrate cluster services with the existing enterprise infrastructure.

Speaker's activity
Vert.x – The problem of real-time data binding
May 21st

As the popularity of any event-driven application increases, the number of concurrent connections may increase. Applications that employ thread-per-client architecture, frustrate scalability by exhausting a server’s memory with excessive allocations and by exhausting a server’s CPU with excessive context-switching. One of obvious solutions, is exorcising blocking operations from such applications. Vert.x is event driven and non blocking toolkit, which may help you to achive this goal. In this talk, we are going to cover it’s core features and develop a primitive application using WebSockets, RxJava and Vert.x.