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Yaroslav Yermilov

Yaroslav Yermilov

EPAM, Ukraine

Has 5 year experience working in the Java world starting from Intern in EPAM Systems to Senior Software Engineer today in the same company. Most of this time works in Big Data area, developing various extensions for Hadoop-family tools. Out of work, is inspired by Groovy language and data science. As a postgraduate, research semantic web-services and possibilities of their automatic composition.

Speaker's activity
What Mr. Spock would possibly say about modern unit testing: pragmatic and emotional overview
May 20th

In this talk we will go through spock-framework features and compare them with what JUnit and TestNG can offer instead. Together we will try to find out both pragmatic and emotional answer to the Ultimate Question of Unit Testing: finally, should one use spock-framework in the year of 2016? Finally, we will take a quick look on spock-framework ecosystem and examine what the hell is JUnit 5 (yes, it’s a thing).


  • Vulcans are extraterrestrial humanoid species from the planet Vulcan attempted to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion.
  • Mr. Spock is Half-Vulcan and Half-Human, so he can greatly combine pragmatic and emotional approach.
  • As Mr. Spock has an A7 computer expert classification he is surely interested in unit testing.