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Aleksandr Tarasov

Aleksandr Tarasov

Alfa-Laboratory, Russia

Software Architect @ Alfa-Laboratory. Aleksandr adopts DevOps methodology in the company. He likes microservicing approach in architecture and software design and implements these principles in different Laboratory projects. Has more than 9 years experience with server-side Java development. Big fan of Docker and related with it technologies. When he has a free time he writes articles for own blog, habrahabr and dzone.

Kirill Tolkachev

Kirill Tolkachev

Alfa-Laboratory, Russia

Principal Developer @ Alfa-Laboratory. Kirill designs and develops different APIs for bank products. He builds principles and sets of instruments for building and adopting microservices architecture in the company. Familiar with DevOps methodology and has much experience with it. Big fan of Groovy, Gradle, Spring and Netflix OSS stack. Permanent resident of Razbor-Poletov podcast.

Speaker's activity
May 21st
Master class

Everyone has heard about microservices. Someone tries to implement them in practice. And only the bravests of us have already used them in production environment. But then why so many people hype around microservices, if the idea is not quite new? What are microservices? What is the difference between it and good old SOA approach? How can developers create modern enterprise applications in Java easily with the help of this approach?

Our guests should try to answer these questions and share their own experience related to live coding of imaginary startup ‘Hippos’.

The following topics will be covered:

  • What are microservices? Where is the theory, bro?
  • What kind of technologies should we choose? What have we chosen and why?
  • Why RPC is still competetive in REST-domination era?
  • How to pack and distribute microservices? How can SpringBoot and Docker help us to solve our problems?
  • Why is service discovery considered as one of the crucial components? How to cook Spring Cloud and what problems you may face in real life?
  • Security of microservices, API gateway and other.

Speakers will also cover other topics related to distributed system development.