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Aviram Eisenberg

Aviram Eisenberg

Ignite, Israel

Being a Java software architect, successful entrepreneur and acclaimed Agile speaker, Aviram Eisenberg combines a deep technical expertise with the managerial grid. On his entrepreneurial road he became a founder and CEO of Ignite – a global software development company with headquarters in Israel that specializes in Mobile, Web and Gaming Development. In Ukraine Ignite is present at Kyiv, Kharkov & Zhytomyr. For being active in a dev community he was chosen a chairman of the Israeli Software Development Forum.

Speaker's activity
“Codename One” – Java to Obj-C bridge
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: Is the good time of Java world “Write once, run anywhere” coming back? Codename One is the only Java iOS tool that currently comes close to this concept. Java bytecode is translated to native C/ObjC code and compiled using Xcode for seamless mobile application development. We will review this open-source platform and see its capabilities.