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Dmytro Mantula

Dmytro Mantula

GlobalLogic, Ukraine

Software developer for 10+ years. Moved from Java to Scala and now don’t remember what “NPE”, “return” and “debugger” are. Co-organizer of JEEConf, speaker at Java and Scala conferences.

Speaker's activity
Introduction to Akka Streams
May 21

Streams of data and pipelines are everywhere. It’s a useful conceptual model: you have an input; you wire some little functions together to compose bigger and more complex pipelines; and you produce an output. To reach prominent throughput, we need to make these functions asynchronous, and parallelize them over input data.

Akka Streams is a toolkit that provides a way to define and run a chain of asynchronous processing steps on a sequence of elements, using tried-and-true actor model under the cover.

In my talk I’m going to explain the motivation of using Akka Streams, and cover the following topics:

  • Problems of streaming data
  • Actor model in the nutshell
  • Problems of actor model from stream processing point of view
  • Problems of buffers and mailboxes overflow
  • What is back-pressure
  • How Akka Streams helps with resolving these problems
  • Code examples in Akka Streams