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Jacek Laskowski

Jacek Laskowski

Japila Software, Poland

Jacek Laskowski (twitter: @jaceklaskowski) is an independent IT professional offering services as a team and tech leader, open source software developer, technology advocate, course instructor, blogger, conference speaker, community leader and organiser, technical advisor and IT business liaison. Jacek is operating on the JVM platform with Scala and Java as the two main languages of choice, and helping people get the most out of it.

His resolution this year is to promote the Scala language in Poland as a leader of the Warsaw Scala Enthusiasts group and working with top-notch software houses in Poland. Jacek is the founder and a former leader of Warszawa Java User Group in Warsaw, Poland. In 2015 he was accepted to an exclusive group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are community-nominated and selected under a project sponsored by Oracle and became a Java Champion.

Speaker's activity
About concurrency abstractions with Observable’s, Future’s, Akka (actors) in Scala
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: The presentation is going to introduce you to the available concurrency abstractions available for Scala developers – Rx’s Observables, scala.concurrent.Future, and Akka’s actors. It’s going to be a Scala code-heavy presentation.

However Scala is the language of choice the libraries are not limited to the Scala language and Java API is either the main research language with Scala’s as an alternative or yet another API.


Slides are available here.


Training “Introduction to Scala for Java developers”
May 21
8 hours
3000 uah
Lunch included

This is an introductory Scala course for people who consider Scala as their next language. It’s important that the student has understanding of programming constructs like assignments, loops and programming experience in a project to understand the role of a build tool and the entire release process from writing a software, compiling it, building an executable and releasing to a remote repository (as a dependency).

The objective of the workshop is to learn as much Scala the programming language and the tooling ecosystem as possible in the given timeframe. The end result should be a basic understanding of what it takes to develop standalone applications in Scala and be able to write a couple yourself. Use of Play Framework and Spray (and hence Akka) is considered depending on the pace of participants with acquiring Scala language itself.