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Kyrylo Holodnov

Kyrylo Holodnov

Grammarly, Ukraine

Kyrylo has almost five years of professional experience in Java/Java EE development. He worked at NetCracker, Infopulse, Yandex before joining Grammarly team. Studied computer science at Yandex School of Data Analysis. His primary interests are machine learning and information retrieval.

Speaker's activity
Scaling a solution of an NP-hard problem in a cluster of machines using Apache ZooKeeper
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: NP-hard problems play an important role in cryptography and are frequent in graph theory. Large number of computers don’t reduce a complexity of an algorithm, but a solid architecture and design of distributed system can provide good scalability. In this talk, I will solve a non-standard NP-hard problem and will give examples how to solve it in a cluster of machines using Apache ZooKeeper.


Slides may be found here.