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Nikita Lipsky

Nikita Lipsky

Excelsior LLC, Russia

Nikita is an initiator and a team lead of Excelsior JET project – certified Java SE implementation with AOT compiler developed by Excelsior LLC. Working on the project since 1997 he took part in almost every activity of the project from the JVM core to product management and support. Last couple of years he is experimenting (in a spare time) with open source projects exploring approaches and a concept of the next web.

Speaker's activity
Delivering Native User Experience in Client-Side Java Applications
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: A modern internet service is not just a web client today. It is common to write native mobile clients at least for the major platforms (iOS/Android).

And this trend is extending to the desktop as well, forcing ISVs to look for cross-platform solutions.
Now recall that Java offers a variety of rich UI frameworks, from Swing to JavaFX, for all major desktop platforms right now.

However, to be called a native client, an application written in Java should deliver native user experience:
it should install in a native manner, come with no external dependencies, look good, start and work fast, and not consume too much memory.

In this talk we will consider how these requirements are addressed by different Java implementations and solutions.