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Philipp Krenn

Philipp Krenn

Ecosio, Austria

Philipp Krenn is running everything database related and the general infrastructure of the Vienna based B2B startup ecosio. When not fighting MongoDB, MySQL, Jenkins, or AWS, he is giving NoSQL and cloud computing trainings or organizes his meetups ViennaDB and Papers We Love Vienna.

Speaker's activity
Painfree Object-Document Mapping for MongoDB
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Morphia is MongoDB’s JPA-like Object-Document Mapping (ODM). However, there is no object-relational impedence mismatch since documents fit the concept of object-orientation much better. This removes a lot of JPA pain, which makes database interactions fun again.

On a practical level we take a look at the available annotations and how to map your objects as well as how to easily query data in MongoDB. Next we discuss some patterns on how to solve common requirements, such as the proper use of generics, auto-increments, and the encryption of sensitive data. The talk concludes with some tips and lessons we’ve learned from using Morphia in production for three years.