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Roman Nikitchenko

Roman Nikitchenko

V.I.Tech, Ukraine

Embedded Telecom system engineer with more than 20 years of experience who has moved to enterprise Java area and quickly became leading Big Data solution architect with unique combination of knowledge. Current primary technology stack includes Apache Hadoop, HBase, ZooKeeper, Spark and is growing very fast. Ability to account many aspects of Big Data currently not so visible for normal enterprise Java architect because of previous history makes the difference.

Speaker's activity
Big Data: from mammoth to elephant – transforming legacy solutions with Hadoop infrastructure
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: You run your SQL-centric infrastructure for 10 years and slowly starting to note you can’t do this way anymore – everything is getting too expensive but your business requires things which are simply impossible without radical cahnges.

This is exact situation we had 2 years before. So we’d like to shouw our experience:

  • Why and how we came into Big Data?
  • Why we choose Apache and Hadoop?
  • What to do and what is already done?
  • What lessans were learned?
  • Hadoop and relational databases: fight or synergy?
  • Reactive Big Data manifest.