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Valerii Moisieienko

Valerii Moisieienko

Noosphere, Ukraine

5+ years Java commercial expirience, 3+ years HBase commercial expirience, Oracle certified professional, Java instructor expirience. The main points of interest are design and development highload systems, statistic gathering and analytic systems, MMO game backends.

Speaker's activity
How to Manage 10K request per second in HA manner
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: The main topic of talk is building high availability high throughput system for receiveing and saving different kind of information with horizontal scalling possibility using HBase, Flume and Grizzly hosted on Amazon EC2 low cost instances. Talk describes HBase HA cluster setup process with useful hints and EC2 pitfalls, Flume setup process with providing comparasion between standalone and embedded Flume versions and show difference and usecases of both versions. A lot of attention payed to Flume2Hbase streaming features with tweaks and different approaches for speeding up this process. The data entry point example showed with using light Grizzly Server. Presentation contains real life metrics, useful approaches and hints.