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Yaroslav Yermilov

Yaroslav Yermilov

EPAM, Ukraine

Has 4 year experience working in the Java world starting from Intern in EPAM Systems to Senior Software Engineer today in the same company. Most of this time works in Big Data area, developing various extensions for Hadoop-family tools. Out of work, is fond of data science and Groovy language.

Speaker's activity
Building domain-specific languages with Groovy
May 23
45 minutes

Abstract: Domain-specific languages (aka DSLs) brings their creators to the new level of abstractions power. They indulge two primary desires of each developer: to play with challenging and interesting problems and to make future tasks easier and more pleasant to work with.

What usually stops everyone from implementing really nice DSL is either poorness or complexity of instruments for their creation. Groovy is modern JVM language which features makes it first choice for simple and enjoyable DSLs implementing.

In this talk, we will look at the instruments that Groovy provide for DSL builders and use it for creating our own DSL. We will cover features ranging from what Groovy can suggest for standard Java developer to transform his ugly Java DSL into something acceptable in 5 minutes to advanced features like Metaobject protocol and AST transformations.