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Yuriy Guts

Yuriy Guts

ELEKS, Ukraine

Solutions Architect and R&D Engineer at ELEKS. Being a polyglot programmer, Yuriy is keen on exploring emerging technology and discovering hidden opportunities. He is an active member of Ukrainian IT community, being a frequent blogger at ELEKS R&D Blog, contributor to Lviv .NET User Group and teacher at Lviv Code

Speaker's activity
Lessons from Implementing a Modern B2C System in Scala
May 22
45 minutes

Abstract: Whenever a functional language is mentioned, everyone talks about typical applications like DSL, parsing, data mining, or scientific computing. But what about mainstream consumer-facing applications? Can you build your next project with Scala? What if your system must run in the cloud, on desktop computers, and on specialized hardware, can you still do it? We’ll share our experience of implementing such a system for a German fitness startup that utilized custom-built devices, biometrics, cross-platform integration, and, of course, Scala. We’ll discuss the challenges we ran into and pitfalls you can avoid when your team decides to go functional.